March Member of the Month: Taylor Ernst

Name: Taylor Ernst 

Occupation: Registered Nurse in the Operating Room

How did you get into Crossfit? I got into Crossfit because I wanted to try something different, outside of a normal gym, because I was getting bored. I decided to try it out once I found myself in a location long term, aka back home in Canton after graduating! 

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? Outside of Crossfit I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether we're hanging out playing games or outside by the pool! I love staying active and helping people out! 

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Oooohhh, thats a tough one, surprisingly, I'd have to say snatch, which is hilarious because my first day in the box I HATED it, but now I LOVE seeing my improvements in it. The first day I could only snatch about 20 lbs, I can now snatch 50 lbs happily! 

Least favorite movement? Push-ups...which sounds so lame, but I'm so terrible at them! But thanks to the coaches I'm finding alternatives to slowly get myself to actual push-ups and for that I'm thankful! Maybe it'll turn into a snatch relationship?? Hate turned into love? We'll see! Haha! 

Favorite food? Chicken fingers because I eat like a toddler! 

Favorite Sports Team: Auburn Tigers; War Eagle!! 

Proudest moment at CFHS so far? My proudest moment is most definitely participating in the open! 17.1 really scared me because I'm so weak in my upper body, even the idea of lifting a 20 lb dumbbell made my arms hurt. I made myself do the first heat because I didn't want to chicken out (because I definitely would)! I got so much further than I originally thought I would make it in the workout! The feeling when I finished that workout is something I'll always remember! You spend so much time looking at these workouts questioning every decision that led you to this point, like why do I do this to myself? Then you finish them and you realize you do it...BECAUSE YOU CAN and that you're able! That in itself keeps me going! 

What are your goals? My goals are to become stronger and more comfortable with myself. I question my strength a lot of times because I just assume I can't do it, when in reality I can! I need to push through that and give it all I have because I've already surprised myself so much! 

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Holly Springs? The atmosphere and the people! I can not stress enough how much those two things have made this such a great experience for me so far! I've been apart of CFHS for about seven weeks now (wow, so much longer than I thought) and I can't imagine leaving anytime soon! The people are so friendly and supportive! That first open workout of 2017 is something I will ALWAYS remember because the people and the atmosphere of the gym were amazing! I could not thank CFHS enough because I feel like I found the best group of people to surround myself with! 

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