Hector Martinez


Occupation: Brokerage Associate / Banker

How did you get into CrossFit? I have never been the "fit" kid, or the "athlete" or the "1st pick" on any team. Growing up I always struggled with my self-image and consider myself less than average in body composition. I wasn't blessed with "good genes" or "great metabolism (even though that’s hardly the case for anyone). Sports never really came naturally for me and I had to try harder than my extremely talented varsity football-playing brother. Regardless of the sport, I always felt overweight and weak, that is until I discovered CrossFit. In June 2016 I took a friend's advice and started doing my research, I realized CrossFit was a no joke, let’s get after it, work your butt off, meet your goals type of lifestyle and that’s what I wanted. I googled a few spots and settled on CrossFit Holly Springs due to several reasons but the one that got me is that they truly put people first. They offered discounts for ministers, police officers, military, etc. and as an ordain minister I went to my first class weighing in at 231lbs (previously 240lbs and only 5'8)  and zero strength. 7 months later and with the help of the tremendous and passionate coaches, a wife who puts up with me waking up at 5am and sometimes setting off the alarm, I am at my all-time lowest weight of 196.0 (44lbs total weigh loss). I have much more strength; have cured my sleep apnea and regained self-confidence. As a new dad, husband and a youth minister, I am on a journey of self-discipline to be an example of Godliness.  

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? I enjoy spending time with my family, trying new places to eat, traveling and public speaking.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? I wouldn’t say my favorite but I would have to go with deadlifts and backs squats.

Least favorite movement? Everybody’s least favorite “the snatch”.

Favorite food? My wife’s, also Mexican food.

Favorite Sports Team: God’s team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Proudest moment at CFHS so far? Currently getting an un-assisted pull up.

What are your goals? Get to ideal body weight/body fat levels for my age and height by next summer. Also getting a 300+ deadlift.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Holly Springs? The people. I have never met a group of people that genuinely just want you to get better and go for one more rep.