Our Story

Our #1 Goal here at CFHS is to meet you where you are and work together to improve your overall health. We want you to know you’ve joined more than just a gym, but gained a supportive Community
— Alicia

Our Owners, Josh & Alicia Klehm, started CrossFit Holly Springs in the Summer of 2013 because they noticed something was missing from other gyms. 

Their passion from day one was to create a place where the CrossFit community and the Faith community could converge.  An environment where athletes of all shapes and sizes, skills levels and goals would have their needs met...not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.

Having lived in Cherokee County most of their lives, Josh & Alicia are driven to connect with the community and make it a better, healthier place to live, work and play.  

JOsh and ALicia are Owners of CrossFit Holly Springs- mom and dad of two- members of Revolution Church in Canton, GA

Josh is CF-Level 1 Certified & CF Weightlifting certified

Alicia: CFHS office Manager: enjoys living a healthy and active life and helping others to pursue making positive changes through exercise and nutrition.alicia is currently the process of becoming Precision Nutrition Certified.

jeremiah 29:11